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PHI’s in-house legal team gets problem claims paid. The legal team specializes in obtaining payment from problem payers and patients through appropriate means. They work to maximize recovery before filing suit by working directly with payors, negotiating favorable and fast payments. Once pre-suit remedies have been exhausted, the team utilizes a global network of outside counsel to initiate litigations. The legal team works to actively manage litigation, ensuring timely and cost-effective results.

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Pre-suit Remedies

We will exhaust all options with all parties involved before pursuing litigation. These efforts often end in a settlement without having to get the courts involved, which means you get paid faster.

International Reach

When litigation is the last option, our global network of legal experts ensures effective legal representation no matter where in the world we have to go to get unpaid bills recovered.

A Dedicated Legal Team

By utilizing our legal services, you gain specialized representation with a greater reach and deeper understanding of local laws than most medical facilities can afford to staff in-house.