Passage Health International


Passage Health International is an industry leader in medical accounts receivable management for international providers. Our partners benefit from the following services.

Benefit & Eligibility Screening

We assist our partners with verifying eligibility and benefits with international insurance carriers to mitigate the risk of nonpayment.  Understanding insurance policy terms and conditions can be time-consuming and frustrating because limitations vary from policy to policy and patient to patient.  What appears to be a covered service may not be payable due to unclear policy conditions.

Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help alleviate the administrative burden involved in treating international patients. We communicate across time zones and language barriers to guarantee insurance coverage.

Medical Bill Reviews & Audits

Processing errors often result in delayed or denied payments. Our team of medical professionals compare every invoice to the medical records to ensure clean billing and to avoid unnecessary delays in payment.

Our proven track record and meticulous auditing will give you the confidence to know that your bottom line will improve with PHI on your side.

Receivables Management

PHI is a leading provider of accounts receivable management for international claims. Our sole specialty is on managing international patients’ insurance policies and care coordination so you can focus on delivering the care they need.

PHI manages the entire revenue management cycle from beginning to end through our global network of employees and partners. You only pay for our services when payment is made.

Legal Services

Searching for suitable legal representation across the globe can be time consuming and costly. Our in-house legal department assists in cost containment legal strategies, and we manage complex cases seamlessly through direct involvement or our global affiliates.

We provide one-stop shop legal services through an agreed upon fee or on a contingency basis.