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Errors are costly. This is especially true in the medical field. Insurance companies look for any discrepancies or loopholes they can to avoid paying for a claim, and errors often lead to non-payment. To combat unnecessary errors, Passage Health International provides our partners with meticulous medical bill reviews and audits to prevent errors and improve collection rates. Here are some of the benefits of our medical review service.

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Reduction in Errors

According to industry experts, it is estimated that 10-20% of claims filed with commercial health insurers have processing errors. These errors often result in delayed or denied payments. Cutting down on these errors can mean a big boost to the bottom line. At PHI, we have an established process that cuts the rate of denial for coding or billing errors to 1%. This reduction can make the difference in a hospital or clinic staying in the black or losing money.

Expedited Payment

Even if an error can be corrected, it usually leads to delays, sometimes long delays, in payment. By reviewing every invoice for accuracy, our team of medical professionals ensures clean billing, speeding up the payment process.

Peace of Mind

International insurance policies can be baffling. The terms and conditions of various policies within one health care system are disparate enough – that confusion is magnified when trying to decipher international health care provisions. We pull on international resources to give you a definitive approval or denial of care.

Last Line of Defense

In business, redundancy is a safeguard. The more eyes on the records, the more problems can be caught and avoided before they cost you valuable time and resources. By screening your records, we provide one more check-and-balance to your accounts receivable team. Our partners in the insurance industry also value our reputation for clean bills, which makes them more likely to work with us when issues do inevitably slip through.